Samprabuddha (Awakened)

Samprabuddha is our quarterly publication with over 1000 copies in print this is our main fundraiser at the moment. The project is morphing into an opportunity for homeless and hard to hire people to earn much needed income through our street selling teams. If you would like to be a contributer or have questions on ad space or would like to send a donation for a copy send us a message!
We have issue 1.5 hitting the streets now and working hard on 2.0!

Samprabuddha Outreach Program

It's on! We finally received our printer and have been printing our Outreach Edition with our first 20 40 90 110 135 287 321 354 handed out to people working the freeway on ramp near our place and throughout Portland. Unlike  Street Roots we provide Samprabuddha free of charge to those in need.
samprabuddha cover