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A Revolution Today Fought Through Violence Will Never Succeed.

We live in a time where technology has led to more widespread awareness and debate of the various social, economic, and environmental issues which plague our society today. Now that the people can get information from sources other than corporate media, it is harder for the government and corporations to hide issues such as GMOs, loss of freedoms and privacy, global warming, an increasingly hostile police state, and never ending wars. We need to take advantage of this awareness and organize the people to fight the peaceful revolution against corrupt corporations and government.

Any One of These Issues are Symptoms of a Greater Root Cause.

The root cause of all of our environmental, social, and economic problems is powerful and rich corporations and their lobbyists who pull the strings in government on both a national and a local level. Root cause analysis states that focusing on only the symptoms of any problem will never solve anything. It's like putting a band aid on a gun shot wound. Protesting, occupying parks, and violence has done little to stop these corporations, create jobs, or help those in need.

What We Need is a Corporation that Places the Environment and People First

To start our revolution we are creating a "People's Corporation" that not only creates jobs and helps our local economy but also will serve as an example of successful cooperative living and a sustainable business. After over two decades of careful  planning and research our concept of a people's corporation has evolved to the point where our dream is ready to become a reality, with your help.

South Shore Collective is a Hybrid Nonprofit

The hybrid nonprofit is a corporation that owns one or more for profit entities.
Its our intention to use our talents and education to create businesses that benefit everyone, especially the disadvantaged and disabled. In a way we are a "people's" corporation that places the people and the environment first.

How Does That Fit Into Revolution

Big corporate money is what influences politics, period. On a local and state level a network of successful hybrid nonprofit businesses can become big corporate money and launch a separate political action committee that can research, introduce and win special issue ballot measures in the State of Oregon.

South Shore Political Action Committee