Welcome to South Shore Collective

We are a Portland, Oregon public benefit nonprofit consisting of artists, musicians, students and graduates and best friends from across the Nation. We are an example of a People's
Corporation that focuses on creating a better tomorrow today through various programs
we have launched.
We have launched out first and last fundraiser in order to become a hybrid non-profit and create better jobs through our construction company, South Shore Construction. If you are able to donate any amount that will help us get closer to becoming self-funding!

You can find our Gofundme page HERE

With almost 15k fans and members on our Facebook network we are humbled to show what people have been saying about us and our services. Take a few minutes to get to know us! You can find all these original comments at our Facebook pages.
Thanks to you all!


Please feel free to stay a while and check out our site and what we're all about. If you would like to contact us you can find us HERE or on Facebook any time!